Life After G42


Our graduates will go on to raise families, get jobs, own businesses, and participate in ministries around the globe. But above everything they do, G42 graduates model, and lead others, in a way of life seeking first the King and His Kingdom, by loving those around them.


Jesus' style of leadership seemed small and insignificant.  He poured his life into 12 people.  But those 12 people then changed the entire world as we know it.  We seek to follow His example by leading and discipling small "Table" communities in a radical way of life.  Many of our graduates will join or start great ministries, and businesses, that create positive change in the world. But above that, we are training men and women to live and love like Christ, and lead others to do the same.


Options For G42 Graduates

World Race Squad Leader

This option, in partnership with Adventures in Missions, provides a unique opportunity for graduates to teach and inspire World Race participants to choose a Kingdom lifestyle, long after their 11 months end. A primary goal of this option is to develop a “12th month” plan for World Racers, and help them develop a vision for a new way of life. Graduates who pursue this path could develop relationships with, and recruit, racers to join them in planting a community after the race. 

Joining an existing Community, Ministry, or Missional Business

This option involves locating long term to an existing ministry, missional business, or community. This season will provide ongoing discipleship and training from community leaders, and elders. Graduates who intern in ministries, or businesses, will also be encouraged to join or start a G42 Table community.

Pioneering their own Table community

G42 graduates transition, in groups of 2 or more, to a long term location where they can acquire jobs and/or join an existing ministry or business. The group becomes the beginning of a Table Community which grows as others are awakened to the love of Christ, and the ways of His Kingdom.

Starting a new ministry or missional business

For some graduates, starting their own missional business, or ministry, will be an option. We encourage these men and women to do so within a community of other graduates who can provide encouragement, and assistance, as they build their vision.